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Article on Rebecca Deming

BOSS MOVE OF THE WEEK Today we’re celebrating Rebecca in Florida! Rebecca wrote into HQ with a lovely email update last week all about how the LifeTracker Planner helped her make some major boss moves! After seeing a negotiation workshop I delivered last year, Rebecca started researching what it would take to practice law on her own so she could approach her supervisor with concrete numbers. What started as background research to support negotiations sparked Rebecca’s entrepreneurial interest. The more she spoke with others, the more she realized she had the tools to manage her own Veterans Disability Law practice, and was motivated to make it a reality! In February, Rebecca picked up a 2021 LifeTracker Planner and plotted out her vision. She broke down this massive undertaking into concrete, manageable steps, and took things one month at a time. Despite facing a few setbacks along the way, she made incremental progress and met her big