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Ms. Rebecca Deming

Ms. Deming was born in Boynton Beach, FL and raised in New York, NY. After graduating Cum Laude from Cornell University, she went on to pursue her legal studies at the University of Miami’s School of Law. Not only did Ms. Deming graduate Magnum Cum Laude from law school, but she also followed in her mother’s law school footsteps by receiving the prestigious Harvey T. Reid Scholarship. Ms. Deming and her mother are the first parent-child duo to receive this special scholarship given to those who have excellent academic records, demonstrate leadership qualities, and exhibit the potential for making substantial contributions to the legal profession and society.

Rebecca Deming’s early career path was influenced by her love for the law and her desire to contribute to the global war on terror. After working for two large international law firms, she joined the US Agency for International Development in 2011 and headed to Afghanistan to work on Rule of Law issues in support of US and NATO troops. As an attorney and military readiness training specialist, Ms. Deming worked on post-conflict stabilization, peace support operations, counter-corruption, strategic communications, information operations, and human rights as USAID’s Rule of Law Advisor to a provincial reconstruction team in Afghanistan. In 2012, she became the Senior Rule of Law Advisor for eastern Afghanistan, leading US efforts on rule of law in Regional Command East. Ms. Deming’s experience in Afghanistan led her to help rewrite U.S. Army and NATO doctrine and field manuals for stability operations.

After Afghanistan, Rebecca Deming continued her work with military units on pre-deployment and general readiness training and exercise design. She has extensive experience working in Africa, Europe, and Central Asia conducting hands-on training and oversight of security sector reform, capacity building, educational, and institutional transformation projects. In addition to working as a Senior Human Rights Advisor for the US Department of State, Ms. Deming has taught lectures on human rights to UN Peacekeepers in Niger, Togo, Benin, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Rwanda and Kenya.

As an accredited attorney with the Veterans Benefits Administration, Ms. Deming spent two years at Tucker Law Group, where she managed hundreds of Veteran Disability Compensation appeals, before leaving to start her own firm, ProVet Legal, P.A.. Not only does Ms. Deming have extensive experience using her legal expertise to assist military organizations, but Ms. Deming is also a veteran spouse. Because of her unique personal and professional experiences, Rebecca Deming recognizes the important contribution service members play in our national security and is passionate about helping veterans get the benefits they deserve.

Ms. Deming and her husband live in St. Petersburg, FL with their two German Shepherds.