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With our virtual platform and remote technology, we are able to represent veterans living in any state in the US, and even those living overseas.

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When you hire ProVet Legal, you will be represented by a VA accredited attorney who has been certified by VA’s Office of General Counsel to have good moral character and be capable of providing competent representation in your claim for VA benefits, and who is admitted to practice at the Court of Appeals of Veterans Claims.

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Experience with cases like yours: Every veteran is unique, and so are their stories. We have represented a wide variety of cases from radiation or toxic exposure, to physical disabilities and mental health issues to dependency compensation claims.

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We make sure veterans receive the benefits they deserve.

To prove entitlement to VA disability compensation, a veteran needs proof of three things:

  • an in-service event or injury,
  • a current disability, and
  • a nexus or link between what happened in service and the current disability.

When we evaluate your case, we determine what evidence VA has, and what pieces you still need to prove to win your claim, and we help you develop the evidence needed.

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A Veteran or their dependent can file an initial claim on their own or with the help of a Veterans Service Organization (VSO). If that claim gets denied, or if the veteran believes they are entitled to a higher rating than what VA awarded them, they can hire a VA-accredited attorney to represent them in appealing VA’s decision.

At this stage of the adjudication process, an attorney who specializes in VA disability law may be helpful to you in further developing the evidence in support of your claim and crafting persuasive and legal arguments on your behalf to submit to VA. In addition, an attorney can assist you in navigating the VA appeals process. Unfortunately, the VA process is not as user friendly as Congress intends. It often takes a VA-accredited attorney with multiple years of dedicated experience working within the system to successfully navigate it.

The stories of your service, and what caused your current disabilities are unique to each veteran. We’ve handled everything from nuclear testing radiation exposure, to Agent Orange exposure and Gulf War Syndrome, to PTSD, Military Sexual Trauma, and other mental health conditions, to diver or paratrooper specific injuries. Your case deserves individualized attention, tailored to your unique story.

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We gather all the facts of your case, including your VA rating decision, through our intake process. Our attorneys will review your claim for key details.


Fight in the Court

Being denied VA disability benefits happens to many veterans with legitimate claims. Our attorneys fight for veterans who were wrongly denied.

On August 9, 2021 Rebecca Deming did an interview with Dewayne Kimble, owner and founder of KMD89 VA Claims Consulting, discussing some common mistakes veterans make in the VA claims process, and some tips for getting their claims approved. Check it out here.

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